Live and Let Live

I have been MIA for almost a year. A LOT has happened in this year. Ill catch everyone up on that later, but something has really propelled me to want to speak up and get my voice and opinions back out there.

The Peloton Commercial. A title all on its own. This ad has taken over every social media platform I know of, been on the morning news almost every day, and just popped up on my twitter AGAIN! Just in case I want to know more about the actress behind the body shammed wife.

I am appalled at the negative feedback. When I first saw the commercial I didn’t think anything of it.  Honestly had no idea what this commercial was when I first started seeing comments of abusive relationships, the husband wanting a thinner wife, “fear in her eyes”, all of these things that victimize this woman. I quickly googled the commercial and was more appalled at the lack of scope coming from the masses.

Long story short: I am offended at your offense and narrow minded stereotyping.

Have you never wanted to take a plunge and try something new that you didn’t think you’d be able to accomplish? Ever talk about something and not commit? Have a goal in mind and need that little extra encouragement or push from friends and family to actually start the journey? If not, that’s amazing, and I commend you for that.

But as someone who has never been overweight, but still started a fitness routine to cope with anxiety, someone who’s frequently setting fitness and personal goals, trained for races , finished a half marathon 25 minutes less than my goal time (which shows you just how self conscious I was about my abilities), and then took a leap of faith and changed careers (yep, surprise! I am no longer a flight attendant, sorry mom) I can tell you I couldn’t have done any of that without the help and encouragement and sometimes tough-love from my friends and family.

When I saw this commercial I didn’t think this woman was oppressed by her husband for one second (I mean she knew exactly what this gift was… clearly she had been talking about one) and this woman may have had more on her mind than weight loss. NEWS FLASH: Among many other reasons, but just to name a few: anxiety, endorphins, pushing yourself, and setting goals are all reasons people begin fitness journeys. With or without the extra push from loved ones.

So while we are in a climate of supporting people’s journeys and broadening our range of acceptance and encouragement, lets try and actually practice it instead of looking for the negativity.

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