The Skinny On the Skinny Eggnog

Ok y’all. One holiday down, one to go. As the saying goes “your holiday is only as good as your booze”………whats that? not a thing?…yikes.

Im just kidding, I really had a wonderful time with Brad’s family. This was the first time we didn’t do Thanksgiving at my mom’s house, so it was different, but no less wonderful. Started the day off with a Turkey trot (with a PB 👏🏻) and ended with some turkey. Doesn’t get much better than that! Thanksgiving is still my favorite holiday🥰

Now comes Christmas! The time of extra cheer and extra stress bc now we’ve got presents involved *scoff*

Fear not, my self soothers. I found a way to make it through with an indulgent cheat drink. I stumbled upon the ultimate eggnog treat!


Trader Joe’s has come out with an almond eggnog that is not only dairy free, for all you vegans, but only costs you 50 calories per serving compared to 223 of the regular stuff! This drink has all the wonderful spices of eggnog without the gilt. However, don’t get me wrong, If you’re looking for that super thick eggy-eggnog, this is not for you. Its thin in comparison. Its base is almond milk with pumpkin for coloring. As a nog fan I really couldn’t believe how much I liked it. Honestly, I may have liked it a bit more so than I do regular eggnog, only because regular eggnog makes me nauseous if do too much; I could drink it for flavor, all day.

All you gotta do is top this puppy off with some rum with a wee bit of nutmeg and you’ve got yourself an eggnog cocktail the whole family will love.

And make you love the whole family all season long. Cheers! 🙃

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