The Running Bug

 Well, I took the plunge. The half plunge. I signed up for my very first half marathon. GASP! Im terribly nervous already and its still five months away. Unreasonable anxiety for the general public, I know, but for me, this feeling is exactly why I run. I started a few years ago when I was living in NY.  I had just started my career with the airlines and living away from my friends and family. I was anxious and alone and one day just realized I need to run. No other reason than that; I just needed it. 

These days I have a very diverse agenda when it comes to exercise. I take (and am obsessed with) Les Mills classes, I do Yoga, play tennis, have weight days, but my first exercise love is running. I run because I love it, I run because it helps me organize my feelings and thoughts, I run because it gives me intimidating, yet achievable, goals, and I run because it lets me eat cake!

To me, its a wonderful and cheap way to expel energy that Im not entirely sure where else to put. To be honest, it feels like therapy. Some runs allow me focus on what is bothering me; time to think it out, other runs only let me worry about the pavement; a break from myself. I like to think that I am a generally happy and relaxed person. A person who exudes calm-ish energy on to others in times of stress, but with my own life and certain situations I need a a little more help organizing what I’m bottling up. Running has been that help for me. 

Now that I’ve taken the next step and committed to half marathon training, do I feel anxious? Of course!! Its 13.1 miles! But now I know where to channel that energy and Im more excited about this goal and to see myself get better and stronger in my sport 🙂 

Id love to hear your own stories! Leave a comment and tell me what got you into running, your goals, triumphs, and even the downfalls!

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