Travel Lunch Boxes

I was never a food packer. I always had school lunches, ate what was given to me or offered, never even thought about the impact of fast foods or eating on the road.

Well let me tell you… After eight straight weeks of hotel food in flight attendant training and the first four months on the line with airport and airplane food my body was rejecting my lifestyle! Hated me. I felt tired all the time, my weight was going up, I didn’t like what I was looking at and I just felt run down. I was miserable and sluggish and slowly started to realize my eating habits were the culprit.

One of first things I realized I was going to have to alter was what I ate on the road. Eating well at home and then eating out while I was at work was going to cancel each other out. One step forward, one step back wasn’t gonna work! Hotel, airport, and restaurant food is expensive and filled with sodium and other additives that are fine every once in a while, but to eat this stuff constantly 15+ days out of the month would be detrimental to my wallet and waste line. I started with packing some healthy snacks: carrots, an apple, peanut butter. This was a great start, but I’m gone for two or three days at a time! I needed to bring actual meals with me.

I sent my letters to Sandy Claus (my mom) and wound up getting an amazing lunch box for Christmas that year! It’s from the Six Pack Fitness company. I have the Innovator 300 which is about $80 from the Six Pack company, but Amazon has them for about $65! What a bargain! This is the only large lunch box I’ve had, but I’ve loved it so much I haven’t wanted another one. I have a small day lunch box from Luggage Works (that’s so old it’s actually not even on their site anymore lol) and I’ll carry on turns or an over night, but mostly I just bring the big one on all my trips… just in case. You never know when you need to squirrel away an extra snack!

☝🏼 This is it! I LOVE it. It’s exactly the width of my roller bag so it can go up and down the aisle with ease. It also has a strap on the back that allows you to attach it to your roller bag handle! There’s also two sections on either side that are the perfect little snack satchels! I keep veggies in there, apples, my peanut butter jar, yogurts. It’s great! Then you’ve got the middle for your prepped meals.

A large percentage of Six Pack bags come equipped with Tupperware, ice packs, and a nice shelving unit to keep your stuff organized. They have so many different types of bags depending on your lifestyle: Duffel, back packs, small lunch boxes, the innovator 500, the list goes on. You just gotta shop around and find what works for you and your lifestyle! Like soulmates, theres a lunch box for everyone. 💕

Now I’ve gotten in such a groove of meal prepping before work it’s second nature. I don’t think twice about the work it takes (I actually enjoy it) and I never go anywhere with out my lunchbox. Honestly, it’s heavier than my suitcase! 😂 I can’t tell you the last time I had airplane food and my mind and body thank me for it. I love how I feel when I have home cooked meals and healthy snacks with me, and I save a TON of money.

There are so many reasons to start food prepping and packing for trips, but the only way to be proficient at it and really enjoy doing it is if you’re set up for success! I’m gonna list some of my favorite luggage brands as well as some I know other FAs use on road! So you can get to shopping and start your food prep adventures!

Feel free to comment or email me if anyone knows of another brand people should look into 🙂

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