This election brings back as much anxiety as the phrase “midterms” did back in college. This election is so important to vote in, I flew back to Raleigh, NC just to be back at my polling station. So your “Im too busy” nonsense won’t fly here! JK… Im not here to judge, we all got issues. But If you can get out and vote, PLEASE DO!!! It doesn’t matter who you are, what you believe in, who you are voting for, your voice and your vote MATTER! Make sure you’re getting out there and making yourself heard. There are no excuses!

Click this Link for more information on registration. In some states you can still register to vote on election day. Click this link to see if you’re one of them!

If you need to find your polling station, this site will give you directions and the address! Just click, type in your address, and boom!

Car trouble? Uh huh… heard that one. Good thing Lyft and Uber are giving discounts on rides to polling stations all of these links below will help you get where you need to go:

Lyft Codes

Time Money- Uber/ Lyft Codes

USA Today- Lyft/ Uber Codes







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