One Man’s Trash..

So my wonderful manfriend and I moved in together about a year and a half ago (so far so good 👍🏼) as most ladies know, the guy’s stuff pre-us is well… trash. Just about all his stuff got donated and mine got brought to the new love nest. We had just about everything we needed except a good, character filled headboard (and a few other things, I’ll get to those. But for today’s post the headboard is the most important)! We scoured high and low for something from stores, Craigslist, garage sales, etc. Nothing was speaking to us. We love the farmhouse feel of old with new, masculine with feminine especially since we were moving in together I didn’t want all girly touches. I wanted us both to feel comfortable! What a good couple of half-happy campers we are 👏🏻

Anywayyyyy we were out at the flea market one day and BAM! We found this gem:


I know… gnarly colors. But I saw the potential! I went and got myself a hand sander (I got black and decker) and some sandpaper sheets of varying textures and got to work! Make sure to leave some of the original white paint to give the door some depth when you repaint it. A little texture is good, in my opinion.

After sanding I wiped it down really well, dried it, and was left with: img_7054-1

Don’t be discouraged if you’re unable to get all of the unwanted residue off, if you’re painting and staining you’ll never be able to tell!

I gave it a couple coats of a flat white paint. (Any brand of your preference will do) and then I gave it rub down with a dark stain. I love the Espresso stain from Minwax make sure to wipe it off immediately as to not cover up your nice paint color completely, I wanted mine to look aged, but still creamy white undertones.

Then just give it another sanding in random spots to add to the aged look and put a clear FLAT seal on it. You don’t want this final product to look shiny. I love the Polycrylic brand.

I hired my hunky manfriend to add a couple 1×3 boards to the back so it would be a sturdy headboard.


Voila! A wonderful, character filled, rustic headboard! Mind the tags on the decor 🙂

final headboard



Enjoy this project!! I had a blast making it. Comment or email with any questions 🙂

Things you’ll need:

  • A door (Preferably with the original hardware still intact)
  • Sander
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint of choice
  • Stain of choice
  • Clear flat sealer
  • Wood to make legs on back (or a French cleat if you want to hang it)
  • Drill for  attaching wood

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